Behind the Scene

The team consists of a  mix of people from different age groups, backgrounds and qualifications. Together, all of us share the desire to make a difference in the world and to create a world in which all living beings can live happily in harmony with their own energy. Everyone who wants to make a difference in the world and want to become active is invited to join the team.

Stephanie is 35 years old. She is a rehabilitation psychologist and yoga teacher. She founded the Yoga- and Siddhacenter ZEITWANDEL at the Lake of Constance in Germany. She also teaches at an Aryuvedic Academy. She loves nature, travelling and music. Stephanie is the first chairwoman of Earth in Balance. Her heart's desire is to connect people, combine competences and bring them together to collectively create a world of peace, abundance, happiness and love.



Jürgen is 50 years old, degreed engineer and the second chairman of Earth in Balance. He is married to Sabine and they both share their passion for yoga. His deepest aspiration is to dedicate himself, in the second half of his live, to put across to children and people an intact nature and a loving and respectful cooperation.


Sabine, 46 years, is an industrial engineer and works in human recources development in a large company. Her core areas are consultancy, training and coaching for executive managment. She and Jürgen have a lovely son and she is an enthusiastic yogini. Sabine is with Earth in Balance because she is convinced if everybody contributes to the big picture the earth will have a chance to heal again. She wishes to dedicate herself to bringing peace to the world.


Andrea is 62 years old and lives in Bielefeld. For 37 years she has been on her path of holistic healing. She is a nutritionist and health advisor and works with several different body-based and energetic methods of healing. Andrea is with Earth in Balance because her heart's desire is to work for people and the planet to reach a state of equilibrium again. She loves to be a pioneer. and to think outside the box. She is keen to share her knowledge and experience with the community.



Stefan, 52 years, has long-time experience in system and software development. By now, he works as an executive in managment of change in a large company at the Lake of Constance. Stefan is with Earth in Balance to contribute with others to change the world in a positive way and to give meaning.



Mark is 33 years old and father of two wonderful daughters. He is an engineer and is living in Markdorf near the Lake of Constance for two years. He is a passionate yogi. He loves to experience when people connect and together spark the fire of the soul. He is with Earth in Balance as he finally found a platform for holistic healing hoping to reach other people.


Daniel is 31 years old. He is a nursery school teacher and studying for a degree in health managment in Weingarten. He is proud to be the keeper of his own colonies of bees. He has done numerous courses in the area of outdoor training, Earth in Balance means for him in a nutshell:

 „What you like most in your heart, that you should do.“


Constanze is a degreed interpreter for French and English. During a stay in Spain she has also studied the Spanish language For 21 years she has been working in managment of European trade associations in Stuttgart. She loves sports and nature, singing and meeting people. She is with Earth in Balance because it gives her the feeling to tackle the really important issues of our time.


Volker is a lawyer and the husband of Constanze. He is CEO of several European trade associations situated in Stuttgart. Volker is an outdoor guy. He shares his passion for sports with Constanze. He did his PhD in 1971 on the pollution of the river Rhein.



Paola is 43 years old and mother of three beautiful children. She works in sales and as a carer for adolescents. She loves nature, especially forests and mountains. She is with Earth in Balance to reach out to people and help them to focus on love during our current time.