About Earth in Balance

Together. Humanly. Changing. In Love.

We need change and quickly so that earth can recover from the current imbalances. We believe that change must be initiated by "citizens" who believe in wellbeing and want to bring it into the world. Because if many people do good things in many places, they can change the face of the world.


Earth in Balance is a worldwide-movement that initiates projects, creates awareness and connects with regional and global positive forces to accelerate sustainable and positive changes on earth. Topics include: intergrated organic farming, integrative health, cleaning up the earth, human beings and development of potential, school for happy children, animal welfare, holistic life and dying.


Everyone is welcome to become a part of this movement and, in harmony with its potential and field of interest, to become involved in a balanced world in the form of larger and smaller projects!


We do not see the task in reinventing the wheel. We want to bring together the best ideas, create new ones with you, inspire and encourage you to create smaller and larger world changing projects that YOU initiate at the place of your choice. Your ideas, your uniqueness and your creativity are in demand! No one has to be an expert to begin their engagement. But you are welcome to do so.You are connected to a wonderful global community that supports each other and assists you in your projects.


Let us together create a world of peace, love and joy!


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